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The Boy with the Incredible Brain /Brainman

Film exploring an unusual form of human intelligence which still baffles scientists: the autistic savant, ie people who have phenomenal and inexplicable mental gifts, whilst often suffering from mental retardation and autism.

The Real Rainman

on the life of super-savant Kim Peek, the inspiration for the movie Rainman.

Painting the Mind

This documentary
explores where art originates in the brain, looking at stroke artists and savant artists from around the world.

Dispatches – The Drug Trial that Went Wrong

An investigation film for Channel 4. Nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.

The Musical Genius

The extraordinary life of the blind and severely learning impaired pianist Derek Paravicini, a rare musical savant who has the ability to play any piece of music after hearing it just once.

Pig at the Ritz Five T

A surreal and barmy documentary which follows a pig ( the famous Grunty) as it is groomed for tea at the Ritz Hotel!

Ms Dynamite in search of Nanny Maroon

Singing star Ms Dynamite travels to Jamaica to unravel the legend of Nanny Maroon – the 18th century female rebel leader who masterminded a slave rebellion against the British Army.

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